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To Do List – 6th week

1. Finish planting potatoes – one week past window. 2. Start tomatoes and peppers – one week past window. 3. Plant corn – five weeks left in window. 4. Plant common beans – 11 weeks left in window. Advertisements

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To do list for this week (4th)

Plant peas. Four weeks behind Plant potatoes. Last week of window Plant tomatoes and peppers. One more week in window.

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9/25/12 – 23rd day of Early Fall

Picked a handful of cowpeas. Bugs are eating most of the tomatoes. Noticed the mead was bubbling slowly a couple of days ago. I think I added the yeast when the wort was too hot. Added a teaspoon of  yeast

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9/18/12 – 16th day of Early Fall

Decided to work in the garden today. Plenty of green tomatoes, might have to find a use for them if they don’t ripen. I don’t think there will be any okra this year. Just not enough time or heat left.

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8/29/12 – 27th day of Late Summer

Animals Looks like dogs tried to break into coop again. No fatalities this time. 2 eggs (all hens in white coop) Garden Picked more Hornworms then tomatoes. Another handful of cowpea pods. No time to shell them. Finally saw flowers on

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8/26/12 – 24th day of Late Summer

Animals Two eggs from each coop. Chicks are ready to move out into the pen. Will go move the chickens around before bed. Looks like tomorrow will be butchering day. Garden Just a couple of Cherry and Romas. Picked quite

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21st day of Late Summer (8/23/12)

Animals: One egg from the red coop, three from the white. Garden: Half Runner beans have flowers. No flowers on the Dwarf Horticultural but they have pods forming. Picked a handful of soybeans, mostly Black Jet. Still haven’t seen any

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