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7/30/12 – 27th day of Middle Summer

Animals: Several fatalities today. One chick and a hen from each coop were dead this afternoon. More importantly we lost Loki. I wasn’t surprised by the chick dying, it had been pretty weak looking when I moved it to the

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7/25/12 – 22nd day of Middle Summer

Animals: Each coop had 2 eggs. Four baby chicks have hatched this afternoon. I will move them from the incubator to the brooder later tonight once they have dried off. Since the weather is so warm I don’t plan to

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7/14/12 – 11th of Middle Summer

Decided to observe my birthday today, so mostly goofed off around the house. I think the chickens laid 6 eggs today (2 that I gathered and I think josie gathered 4). Both of the buffs are still acting broody, but

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7/13/12 – 10th day of Middle Summer

Josie bought a broken colored Mini Rex and has decided to call her Loki. I got back to the fair too late to take the bunny home. Need to see about contacting the breeder (Forracker?) to see what info is

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7/11/12 – 8th day of Middle Summer

Quiet day today. Only got 2 eggs from the hens. Picked a handful of cherry tomatoes. The tomatoes from yesterday filled a gallon zip lock bag. Steph thinks we should have at least 4 gallon before we try canning any.

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