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To Do List – 6th week

1. Finish planting potatoes – one week past window. 2. Start tomatoes and peppers – one week past window. 3. Plant corn – five weeks left in window. 4. Plant common beans – 11 weeks left in window. Advertisements

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To do list for this week (4th)

Plant peas. Four weeks behind Plant potatoes. Last week of window Plant tomatoes and peppers. One more week in window.

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9/18/12 – 16th day of Early Fall

Decided to work in the garden today. Plenty of green tomatoes, might have to find a use for them if they don’t ripen. I don’t think there will be any okra this year. Just not enough time or heat left.

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7/31/12 – 28th day of Middle Summer

Garden: Gathered a handful of soybeans. The Black Jet soybeans seem to be maturing already while the Green Envy aren’t. Only a couple of dry beans today. The Dwarf Horticultural beans are dealing with the heat and drought better then

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7/30/12 – 27th day of Middle Summer

Animals: Several fatalities today. One chick and a hen from each coop were dead this afternoon. More importantly we lost Loki. I wasn’t surprised by the chick dying, it had been pretty weak looking when I moved it to the

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7/27/12 – 24th day of Middle Summer

Animal: Collected eggs early, so each coop only had one egg. Only chickens I know that lay in the afternoon. One hen and the rooster escaped from the white coop yesterday while I was moving them. Caught the hen last

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7/21/12 – 18th of Middle Summer

Red coop had 3 eggs and white had 3 eggs. Picked a 1/2 bag of tomatoes, mostly Cherry with a few Roma. Dug the last of the yellow potatoes. Also gathered the last of the Mated Chief. Watered the vegetable

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