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Animals One egg today. Need to see about rearranging chickens since I am no longer butchering. Garden Watered the vegetable plot, but only used one barrel before sunset. Laid more mulch, need to weed. Weather High was 104F, low was

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8/9/12 – 7th day of Late Summer

Animals: Three eggs from the red coop, none from the white. Might move the chicks out a little early since the weather is warm. Garden: Picked a handful of soybeans, mostly Black Jet. Spent the rest of the evening spreading

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7/31/12 – 28th day of Middle Summer

Garden: Gathered a handful of soybeans. The Black Jet soybeans seem to be maturing already while the Green Envy aren’t. Only a couple of dry beans today. The Dwarf Horticultural beans are dealing with the heat and drought better then

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7/26/12 – 23rd day of Middle Summer

Animals: 3 eggs from the red coop. 4 eggs from the white. Spent the evening putting the wheels on the coop and moving them out to the garden. The theory is that they will eat all the weeds and then

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7/6/12 – 3rd day of Middle Summer

Finally gave up waiting for it to rain and set up the sprinkler. Need to water the other half tomorrow. Finished digging up the early potatoes. Continuing to spread mulch on the legume half of the garden. Still trying to

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