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9/25/12 – 23rd day of Early Fall

Picked a handful of cowpeas. Bugs are eating most of the tomatoes. Noticed the mead was bubbling slowly a couple of days ago. I think I added the yeast when the wort was too hot. Added a teaspoon of  yeast

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9/22/12 – 20th day of Early Fall

Overcome by sloth, slept all day. Started another batch of mead. Mixed two pounds of honey with two liters of water. Split this between two 2-liter bottles. Both got raisins, one got two tablespoons of coffee the other orange spice

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8/14/12 – 10th day of Late Summer

Alcohol: Transferred the plain mead into a new container and into the fridge. It foamed some so I know it wasn’t done, but its done enough. The mead with all the additives will probably be done in a couple of

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8/5/12 – 3rd day of Late Summer

Alcohol: Started a second batch of mead. Mixed 4lbs of honey with 2L of hot water and 1 packet of yeast. Split this between two 2L pop bottles. In one of the pop bottles I added raisins, lemon juice, and

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7/26/12 – 23rd day of Middle Summer

Animals: 3 eggs from the red coop. 4 eggs from the white. Spent the evening putting the wheels on the coop and moving them out to the garden. The theory is that they will eat all the weeds and then

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7/14/12 – 11th of Middle Summer

Decided to observe my birthday today, so mostly goofed off around the house. I think the chickens laid 6 eggs today (2 that I gathered and I think josie gathered 4). Both of the buffs are still acting broody, but

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7/9/12 – 6th day of Middle Summer

Mead is still bubbling away, but going rather slowly. It also looks like one or both containers overflowed at some point. Did some research on mead making (original information was from Backwoodsman). A dry mead would be about 2lbs of

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