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Animals Four eggs today Garden Gathered a handful of Cherry tomatoes and cowpeas. Watered the legume plot with remaining water barrel. Weather High was 96F and low was 69F. Precipitation was 0.13″ daily, 0.13″ monthly, and 15.05″ yearly. Advertisements

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Animals One egg today. Need to see about rearranging chickens since I am no longer butchering. Garden Watered the vegetable plot, but only used one barrel before sunset. Laid more mulch, need to weed. Weather High was 104F, low was

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8/31/12 29th day of Late Summer

Animal Two eggs. Weather No precipitation.

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8/26/12 – 24th day of Late Summer

Animals Two eggs from each coop. Chicks are ready to move out into the pen. Will go move the chickens around before bed. Looks like tomorrow will be butchering day. Garden Just a couple of Cherry and Romas. Picked quite

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8/25/12 – 23rd day of Late Summer

Animals One egg from the white coop, two from the red. Weather Rained again. Still very humid. High today was 85F and the low was 69F. Precipitation was 2.28″ daily, 2.74″ monthly, and 14.91″ yearly

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8/24/12 – 22nd day of Late Summer

Animals Two eggs from the white coop and one egg from the red. Need to empty one of the coops so I can move the chicks out. Currently have three hens and a rooster in each. Think that I will

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21st day of Late Summer (8/23/12)

Animals: One egg from the red coop, three from the white. Garden: Half Runner beans have flowers. No flowers on the Dwarf Horticultural but they have pods forming. Picked a handful of soybeans, mostly Black Jet. Still haven’t seen any

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