Week of June 10th

Finally got second household set up. Most of this week was spent assembling furniture. Wife bought some houseplants for the new place (ivy, aloe, and a succulent). Need to research care.

Finishing up on washcloths. Next project is to finish crocheting (sort of) a plarn lunch bag. After that, I have yarn on order to make stuff for the expected grandbaby. Also need to finish posts for those projects and update pages.

Blackberries have fruited out in Oklahoma, so I picked a handful to propagate. Thinking about moving the existing blackberry bushes this Fall.

Three of the Mulberry trees had ripe fruit, and a fourth should be ripe soon. Picked a few cups to make jam and or muffins.

Bought a bunch of vegetable seeds at the hardware store. Will have to check to see if it’s too late to plant them this year. Was looking for gourd seeds, but didn’t see any. Saw Jerusalem Artichoke roots for sell at the grocery store (they call them Sunflower Chokes). They look like they need to be planted in the Fall.

The Black Locust are doing really well, especially with all the rain. This is making me rethink the composition of the hedge rows. Maybe a mix of Black Locust and Honey Locust with Sand Plums and Blackberries underneath.

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Week of April 22nd

Working on making cane fishing poles. Since the previous pole broke on the first catch, I am building these to be able to still function after the pole breaks. I run lightweight bankline from the handle to the tip and connect the fishing line to a loop at the tip end of the bankline.

Was able to pollard the second half of the trees in the front and replant some of the Black Locust in the back. It’s way too late in the season to be doing this, but the plants are pretty tough and should be able to handle it.

Continuing to work on knitting dishcloths. I should have had the second one done already but have been working on too many other projects.

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Week of April 15th

Had another bout with a stomach bug. Can’t remember getting sick this often.

Working on putting hiking/camping gear together this winter. I am mostly done with a bedroll and tarp tent, just need to figure out better straps. Started working on a cooking set. Will upload photos and description when complete.

Started knitting again. Right now I am trying to learn continental style using metal needles. The plan is to make washcloths for presents.

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Week of April 8th, 2019

The Sand Plums have leafed and blossomed, the Mulberries have leafed, and the Honey Locust are just starting to bud. The White Pines that I heeled in last fall didn’t survive the winter. I need to check on Black Cherries and other trees.

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On Politics

version 0.2

There are only three primary political parties: Rousseau, Hobbes, and Locke. These parties are archetypes and are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

In Rousseau, the social contract involves giving up one’s individual rights and submitting to the general will. The purpose of the of the state is to promote the common good. Decision making is a collaborative process. This is the party of socialism, communism, and globalism (?).

In Hobbs, the social contract involves giving up one’s individual rights for protection from violence. The purpose of the state is to defend the citizens (physically, economically, and mentally). Decision making is an authoritative process. This is the party of nationalism, facism, and (???).

In Locke, the social contract exists to establish the rights of the individual. The purpose of the state is to ensure that those rights are not infringed upon or to determine the solution when two rights infringe upon the other. This is the party of liberalism, (???), and (???).

An argument can be made that there exists opposite ends of each of these parties which can be defined as Anarchy (too little government) and Depotism (too much government. However, since they are noy intrinsic to any one party, it is more convenient to assign this spectrum to “methods of organizing the state”.

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On Knowledge

version 0.3

The domain of knowledge can be broken into four overlapping regions: dogma or ethos, reason or logos, intuition or pathos, and observation or empeiros. Information is an element within the domain of knowledge and will reside within one or more of these regions. The criteria of validity or truthfulness or utility of that information depends on the regions in which it resides.


Authority/Ethos is information gained from another person (or witness). Its validity is based on the reliability of the witness and their ability to accurately convey this information. Alternatively, it is things that are generally considered to be true without proof. The expert of this realm is the historian.


Reason/logos is information gained via relationships from other information or inference. This can be further broken down into the categories of deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, and abductive reasoning. The validity of reasoning is dependent on which of these categories is being used. Relative to each other, a deductive conclusion is stronger than an inductive conclusion and an abductive conclusion is the weakest. The expert of this realm is the mathematician.


Intuition/Pathos is information gained from feelings or opinions. Included within it’s domain are art, music, and literature. The validity of intuition is based on the strength of the feelings created and the fidelity of it’s ability to convey those feelings. The expert of this domain is the artist.



Subdomains of Reason/Types of Logic




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9/3/2018 – 1st week of Early Fall

Really struggling to keep up with the journal right now, but am uncertain why. Quit my old job (of 15 years) a few months ago and started working for a new company. Not sure how I feel about the new job yet, but the old job had gotten to be too much.

Since then, I have been working on a few small projects. The first has been learning how to process the bamboo that grows in the backyard. The biggest issue I am running into is getting it to split straight. The second project is developing my fishing and camping gear. My final project has been to develop easy meals (that I like) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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