8/14/2017 – 2nd week of Late Summer

Continuing to harvest Sand Plums. Learned that they will continue to ripen if left on the counter. Probably only one small harvest left. 

Started gathering a few Black Walnuts. It’s much too early, but I couldn’t resist. Besides, I can use the husks to darken the blade on my axe.

Learned a new way to make knife sheaths. I have used card stock and duct tape before to make sheaths, but I found a way to make them just using card stock based on the Northern European Birch bark sheaths. The next time I do it I will take enough photos to do a write up. But I will attach a photo to show how they turned out.

Working on building a backpack gassifier stove similar to the Midge and Mountain Ranger stove designs. Hopefully the write up for that will be next week.

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7/31/2017 – 5th week of Middle Summer

Nothing much to report. Still harvesting sand plums.

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7/24/2017 – 4th week of Middle Summer

Started the process of making a trotline. Didn’t think to take photos so I can write up instructions. Will have to go back and take them later. Also working on some bait recipes (chicken liver jerky and blood and cheese boilies). Will upload recipes later.

Tried to go fishing, but the weather didn’t cooperate. Was able to catch some bluegill on slim-jims, they coludn’t steal the bait very easily.

Gathered some Yucca pods. Hopefully these will do better than the ones I gathered last year.

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7/17/2017 – 3rd week of Middle Summer

Lost another eight chickens, all in one day. Not certain what caused the die off. It was a hot day (+100), but they had plenty of water and had survived high temps before. I am now down to nine birds (1 light brahman, 3 buff brahmans, and 5 dark brahmans). This has further increased my concerns about the amount of females left in this flock. I may just have to harvest this one and start again next year.

Gathered up some Clover on one of my lunchtime walks and some Sumac (not Poison) while the family was stuck in traffic in Oklahoma. So far I haven’t seen any seeds on the Sumac around here. I can direct seed the Clover at any time, but I need to check on what pretreatment the Sumac needs.

The recent heat spell seems to have killed off the Black Walnuts that had sprouted, but the Honey Locust are doing just fine. I think one of the Oaks may have sprouted or it could be a weed I am not familiar with. Either way, I am going to need to forage more seeds this fall. 

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7/10/2017 – 2nd week of Middle Summer

Almost a month since last post, so quite a bit to catch up on. Need to remember to be more consistent.

Fishing has been a complete disaster so far this year. On the last expedition, I tried every bait I could with no luck. I am not certain what to try next. One idea would be to make a single long trotline instead of several smaller banklines and try for deeper water. Or give up altogether, but I just can’t accept that. Unlike hunting, I have had many successful fishing expeditions over the years. So I am confident things will turn around eventually.

Despite that, the canoe has been working out well. Still swamping it occasionally, but that tends to only happen when I am rushing.

Baby chicks have gotten big. They are sort of in that awkward teenage stage were they are neither chick not chicken. So far there have been no more fatalities, but I won’t know what percentage are hens and what are roosters. The big concern is that I end up with mostly roosters like the last flock.

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6/11/2017 – 1st week of Early Summer

It’s been fairly rough the last two weeks, so not much work done. The mulberries are ripe and the sand plums are getting close. Found a couple of ash trees at the local park that are seeding. Will need to keep an eye on them.

Mostly complete with a property map that I have been creating at lunchtime. Right now it’s a PDF of a satellite map of the property with notes. Looking into creating a Google Map that will have the same data.

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5/22/2017 – 3rd week of Late Spring

Not much work done this week as I had a cold for the first part of it.

Our order of chicks showed up. Been having a really high mortality rate. Uncertain if they were sick to begin with or if it is poor management. Either way, I am nervous about having a flock left if it keeps up.

Started spraying the Canada Thistle and Poison Ivy. Wasn’t able to find the chemicals I wanted in a small container, so I bought Acreage Pro which contains two other herbicides besides 2, 4-D. I will most likely need to spray again next year, so I will special order the other herbicides later. Alternating should avoid the weeds developing resistance.

As I have been updating the tree and shrub map, I think I will make some major changes. For the most part, the plants that will form the hedges that circle the fields have had one or more parts that are edible. The exception is the Black Locust which is mainly intended for firewood. So I am going to move it from the hedges and move it to separate beds for coppicing. 

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