4/2/2018 – 1st week of Middle Spring

When I transitioned from a daily to a weekly calendar, I didn’t account for leap weeks instead of leap days. Rather than try to figure it out myself, I borrowed the leap rule from Symmetry454. When I update the Calendar page, I will include the data on how it works.

I got fertilizer for the trees that got pruned this year. Still need to cut down more volunteers. Got the Black Cherry trees planted. Found my honey locust seeds and got them sprouting. Now if the weather and my back will cooperate.

Been getting a lot of work done on the house plans. Trying to figure out plumbing, as this might impact stud an joist placement. Next is HVAC and Electrical. There doesn’t seem to be much good information online on how to size the various pipes and the IRC/IPC don’t quite make sense yet.

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3/19/2018 – 3rd week of Early Spring

Haven’t accomplished much this week as work has been busy. I did get a chance to survey more of the tree locations for Google Maps. This only indicates where a tree should be, not necessarily what should be there or what is present condition is. I will need to wait until later in the year when the trees have leafed out to do that.

Seeing bud formation on Honey Locust, Cottonwood, and Mulberry. Sand plums have started to flower.

Received my tree order from Kansas Forestry Service. This year is 25 Black Cherry and 25 Buffaloberry. Most of the Black Cherry will go in the north row of trees and the reminder along the other rows. The Buffaloberry will all go in the south row. Now I just have to get them into the ground.

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3/12/2018 – 2nd week of Early Spring

Not much this week. I have Honey Locust, Mulberry, and Washington Hawthorne cuttings soaking in water. Chickens are laying about 4 to 6 eggs per day. Weather has been fairly nice, but dry. Finally got a little rain, but would like more.

Been refining how I want the garden to be set up. The overall space is about 110′ by 110′. This will be broken up into nine equal squares of 32′ by 32′ spaced two feet between squares. The squares themselves will be mulched with grass clippings, while the spaces between will be mulched with wood chips.

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3/5/2018 – 1st week of Early Spring

Seems sort of important to post something for this week, since it is the first week of my year. On a side note, I need to update the calendar for this year.

Been spending most of the last few weeks plotting and planning on what I want to accomplish this year. As such, I have decided that this year will mostly be devoted to getting ready, or laying the groundwork. This seems particularly appropriate since taking a break the last few years means I am starting from scratch.


I need to get quite a bit of pruning done before the weather gets much warmer. At least one set of tires needs to be pollarded before the get much taller. I will try to propagate the cuttings from the Honey Locust, Mulberry, and Hawthorne trees. Any of the cuttings that root will go to building the living fences.

I started the pruning last weekend and will probably be at it for a couple more.


Current plan is to take one of half fields (100′ x 100′) and layout 9 beds (4 for plants, 1 for a water feature, 1 for green house, compost, etc, 1 for perennials, and 2 for chickens). This year I plan to get a bagger for the riding mower and all of the grass clippings will go to mulch these beds. This will go on all year.


Mostly these will be mowed for mulch. I am debating renting a rototiller in Middle or Late Summer and putting in Rye on one field.

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1/2/2018 – 1st week of Middle Winter

Finally got some rain. Less than a tenth of an inch, but it was nice. Looked up a little info on Weather.gov. Previous rain was back in November. We aren’t that far behind for the year since we had a surplus coming out of November.

Decided that I won’t put a garden in, but will work on building the garden itself. So this spring, I will rent a rototiller and till up the plots. Then I can layout and rebuild the beds and walkways. Then I should be I great shape for a weed-free garden next year.

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12/31/2018 – 4th week of Early Winter

Unusual warm spell has been replaced by unusual cold spell. Water pipes froze last night. Need to replace insulation around the pipes in the crawl space and make sure to leave a faucet dripping when it is below 20°F.

Try to decide whether to put a garden in this year. I’m afraid that if I don’t, I will get out of practice. On the other hand, there always seems to be too much other work to do.

At the least, I was able to get the trees planted. However, there hasn’t been much rainfall so far.

Really need to get bills paid down so I can start building the new house. The one upside to being so busy at work is making extra money.

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11/27/2017 – 4th week of Late Fall

No luck on getting a deer this year so far. Being on second shift isn’t helping. However, I did bump a few deer and found a few scrapes so I am sure that I have the right area. In addition, I saw several pheasants and a flock of turkeys. Not too bad of a time.

Trapped and killed a skunk that was under the house. Only got sprayed a little and that was due to coming into contact with the bag I was using as a shield. Tried using a low speed .22 round (~700 for) to shoot the skunk but wasn’t happy with the results. Will most likely go back to subsonics (~1100 fpm) from now on. Or use the slower round with the faster round as a back up. Need practice with both rounds on the range.

Got a little work done on planting trees outside. I ended up buying some pecans and planting those and the black walnuts. Since I wasn’t able to gather many acorns, I will supplement them with conservation seedlings in the spring. Still have quite a few other seeds (hazelnut, ash, locust, hedge apple) to either plant or transplant. And I am not sure when abor day trees will show up.

Finally, working on getting the house thru another winter. Hopefully in January I will be able to work on house plans again. Not sure how much longer the current house has left.

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