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On Politics

version 0.2 There are only three primary political parties: Rousseau, Hobbes, and Locke. These parties are archetypes and are not necessarily mutually exclusive. In Rousseau, the social contract involves giving up one’s individual rights and submitting to the general will.

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On Knowledge

version 0.3 The domain of knowledge can be broken into four overlapping regions: dogma or ethos, reason or logos, intuition or pathos, and observation or empeiros. Information is an element within the domain of knowledge and will reside within one

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I have been doing quite a bit of walking over the last month (which is completely unrelated to starting to play Pokemon Go). A side effect of this is that I have developed my grandfather’s habit of gathering black walnuts.

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Farewell to the Contrary Farmer

I abhor all the publicity when someone famous (or who used to be famous) dies. It’s as if their lives are more important than the hundreds of other people who died that day. Often, I suspect that the world would

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The last week has been busy. Trying to get ready for my daughter’s graduation. Just when I thought I had that under control, we bought a secondhand playground set (that is HUGE). Unfortunately, it’s going to take a couple of

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Mostly spent the day knitting and watching youtube. Trying to get a gift done in a hurry. BTW, Dave Canterbury is pretty sharp, but knotwork is his weakness. It’s nice to know that I am better than him at something.

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Went to a coworker’s house to shoot. Terrible with a pistol, but passing score with the rifle. Picked chicken quarters on the way home. Had planned on just buying a whole chicken, but the quarters were cheaper. Still have to

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