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Pretty quiet week, with the exception of a minor fender bender yesterday. It wasn’t my fault for once and there wasn’t any real damage to either car. Trying to fix up the clothesline to last a little longer. Had to

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To Do – 9th Week

1. Plant corn – one week left 2. Plant common beans – eight weeks left 3. Start transplanting tomato – four weeks left 4. Start planting okra – six weeks left 5. Start planting cowpea – eight weeks left 6.

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To Do – 8th Week

1. Plant corn – three weeks left in window. 2. Plant common beans – nine weeks left in window. 3. Start transplanting tomato – five weeks left in window 4. Start planting okra – seven weeks left in window

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To Do List – 7th Week

1. Start tomatoes and peppers – two weeks past window. 2. Plant corn – four weeks left in window. 3. Plant common beans – ten weeks left in window. 4. Start transplanting tomato – six weeks left in window 5.

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4/13/2013 – 10th of Middle Spring

Peas are starting to sprout. Finished planting potatoes. Had to plant mid season row at 2′ intervals. A five pound bag is only sufficient for half a row. I think I was wrong the other day. It appears that both

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To Do List – 6th week

1. Finish planting potatoes – one week past window. 2. Start tomatoes and peppers – one week past window. 3. Plant corn – five weeks left in window. 4. Plant common beans – 11 weeks left in window.

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To do list for this week (4th)

Plant peas. Four weeks behind Plant potatoes. Last week of window Plant tomatoes and peppers. One more week in window.

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