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Knitting – Washcloths

Granny’s Dishcloth (Original Designer Unknown) Materials Yarn: 100% cotton; medium weight (4); 95 yard Needles: Size 7 US (4.5 mm) Notions: Tapestry needle Gauge: 18 stitches = 4 inches Finished Size: 7.25” square Instructions CO (any) 4 sl1p, K all

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Week of June 10th

Finally got second household set up. Most of this week was spent assembling furniture. Wife bought some houseplants for the new place (ivy, aloe, and a succulent). Need to research care. Finishing up on washcloths. Next project is to finish

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Hunting – Scent Killing Spray

1 cup Distilled Water 1/8 cup of Baking Soda 1 cup Hydrogen Peroxide 1 teaspoon Dawn Dish Soap Dissolve the baking soda in the water Add the peroxide and soap Stir, don’t shake Spray onto clothes immediately and put them

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Hunting – Unscented Laundry Soap

1/4 cup Borax 1/4 cup Washing Soda 1/4 cup Scent free soap (bar or liquid) If using bar soap, grate. Combine Borax, Soda, and Soap. Use half for small load or all for large or dirty load. Untested recipe. Adapted

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7/24/2017 – 4th week of Middle Summer

Started the process of making a trotline. Didn’t think to take photos so I can write up instructions. Will have to go back and take them later. Also working on some bait recipes (chicken liver jerky and blood and cheese

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How to Make Banklines

When I couldn’t find my banklines this year, I decided it was an “opportunity” to make a better set. Making the banklines only took a couple of hours (spread over a weekend). My apologies with the grammar, tense, and rotated

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Bedsheet Tarp Tent

This is my experience in turning a bedsheet into a tarp tent for camping. I already have a pretty good camping kit, but it is composed of equipment that I have purchased. So I decided that my second kit would

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