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11/27/2017 – 4th week of Late Fall

No luck on getting a deer this year so far. Being on second shift isn’t helping. However, I did bump a few deer and found a few scrapes so I am sure that I have the right area. In addition,

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2/28/2017 – 4th week of Late Winter

  Just about finished with the first version of the first floor plan. There are a few details that I need to finish that deal with how the first floor correlates with the second floor and the framing of the

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2/17/2017 – 2nd week of Late Winter

Took a break from garden planning and started working on the house plans again. I am finally getting close to being able to publish the floor plans. I have even started spec’ing out some of the windows and doors. Slowly,

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I’ve got the basics of the floor plan figured out. The decisions that need to be made are: Regular closet vs walk-in closet. I lose a little floor space with the walk-in, but it might be worth it. Kitchen and

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Not much going on the past few days. Wasn’t able to go fishing, but was able to work on the house plans. One of the hens has gone broody, so I’m excited about that. I was actually eyeballing incubators at

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I had to accept the fact that I am neither a good enough draftsman nor carpenter to make the stair design work. Unfortunately, the narrower house width of 18′ requires that kind of stair. I spent the last week trying

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The honeylocust have started to bud. The mulberry budded last week are pretty green now. Chickens continue to eat their eggs and refuse to use the nest boxes. Oddly enough, they only eat the brown eggs and not the green

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