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3/19/2018 – 3rd week of Early Spring

Haven’t accomplished much this week as work has been busy. I did get a chance to survey more of the tree locations for Google Maps. This only indicates where a tree should be, not necessarily what should be there or

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3/12/2018 – 2nd week of Early Spring

Not much this week. I have Honey Locust, Mulberry, and Washington Hawthorne cuttings soaking in water. Chickens are laying about 4 to 6 eggs per day. Weather has been fairly nice, but dry. Finally got a little rain, but would

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1/2/2018 – 1st week of Middle Winter

Finally got some rain. Less than a tenth of an inch, but it was nice. Looked up a little info on Previous rain was back in November. We aren’t that far behind for the year since we had a

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12/31/2018 – 4th week of Early Winter

Unusual warm spell has been replaced by unusual cold spell. Water pipes froze last night. Need to replace insulation around the pipes in the crawl space and make sure to leave a faucet dripping when it is below 20°F. Try

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11/27/2017 – 4th week of Late Fall

No luck on getting a deer this year so far. Being on second shift isn’t helping. However, I did bump a few deer and found a few scrapes so I am sure that I have the right area. In addition,

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7/31/2017 – 5th week of Middle Summer

Nothing much to report. Still harvesting sand plums.

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7/17/2017 – 3rd week of Middle Summer

Lost another eight chickens, all in one day. Not certain what caused the die off. It was a hot day (+100), but they had plenty of water and had survived high temps before. I am now down to nine birds

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