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Week of June 29th

I found another blackberry patch at work while walking. I think it might be too late to gather seeds, but I should be able to grab transplants in the fall. I also found a rose that was climbing some trees.

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Week of June 22nd

Pretty quiet for the most part. Started a new diet, so trying to get used to eating more salad. So far it is going well. Wasn’t able to get the riding mower started last week and in the process of

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Week of June 1st

It would seem that most of my transplants didn’t survive very long.  The trees and shrubs I start by direct seeding have a low germination rate, but those that do seem to have a very high survival rate. So I’m

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Week of April 6th

Too long of a pause in writing. Seems that I stop during winter and start when the trees bud/bloom. Planted all of the seed balls I had made. Also planted trees from Arbor Day. Continuing to work on property layout

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Week of November 18th

Found another batch of Persimmon seeds. Not sure if any of them will survive in my area as they seem to like to grow in swamps. Also made the first batch of seed balls. These were the mixture of seeds

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Week of September 16th

Gathered sunflower and purslane seeds. Finished processing the Ground Cherry seeds. Found maps online for the local lakes. They are much nicer than what I am used to. Besides being based off of Satellite images (instead of hand drawn) the

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Week of September 2nd

Starting to get things ready for fishing once the weather starts to cool. Need to inspect and re-rig several poles/rods and toss what isn’t useable. Having trouble finding my tackle box. Also need to get some equipment specifically for catfish.

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Week of August 12th

Couldn’t get a photo to confirm identity, but I think I saw a roadrunner in the hedgerow. I know that they occasionally are seen in Kansas, but this was the first time I have seen one this far north. Cooked

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Week of July 22nd

Finished knitting the baby mittens. Taking a break before starting the next set of booties/mittens and making more washcloths. Gathered Sumac seeds and more apple and pear seeds. Trying to broaden my knowledge and learnto identify field greens. Not much

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Week of July 8th

Tried to get some mowing done, but didn’t get very far as the belt keeps slipping. Will need to look into what might be causing that. Used grass clippings to mulch the flower bed in front of the house. Went

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