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7/24/2017 – 4th week of Middle Summer

Started the process of making a trotline. Didn’t think to take photos so I can write up instructions. Will have to go back and take them later. Also working on some bait recipes (chicken liver jerky and blood and cheese

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7/10/2017 – 2nd week of Middle Summer

Almost a month since last post, so quite a bit to catch up on. Need to remember to be more consistent. Fishing has been a complete disaster so far this year. On the last expedition, I tried every bait I

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5/8/2017 – 1st week of Late Spring

Finally got half of the garden planted. The daughter and granddaughter helped a lot, so I have no idea what exactly is planted where. A small price to pay for making memories. I have ran setlines the last two weekends

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4/10/2017 – 2nd week of Middle Spring

I never got around to posting last week. For the most part it was cool, wet, and dreary. Needless to say, I didn’t accomplish much except hiding inside. During one break in the rain I was able to put together

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Did a little more foraging this week. Was only able to find handful of hackberry fruits. A pleasant find, but it means that there won’t be much more foraging to do until next year. Ran banklines this weekend. Didn’t catch

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Got a chance to run banklines over the weekend, but all I caught was one very big, very pissed off snapping turtle and I really don’t care for the taste of turtle. Ended up having cut one of my droplines

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I had a chance to do some more fishing, but it was mostly running banklines. Only caught one carp, but I know someone ran my lines at least once. They stacked them up along the shore. One thing I got

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