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Hunting – Gun Solvent and Oil

‚Äč1 part Dexron II, IIe or III Automatic Transmission Fluid – GM Spec D20265 or later 1 part K1 Kerosene 1 part Aliphatic Mineral Spirits Combine ATF and Kerosene and mix well. Reserve one half of the mixture as Gun

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Hunting – Scent Killing Spray

1 cup Distilled Water 1/8 cup of Baking Soda 1 cup Hydrogen Peroxide 1 teaspoon Dawn Dish Soap Dissolve the baking soda in the water Add the peroxide and soap Stir, don’t shake Spray onto clothes immediately and put them

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Hunting – Unscented Laundry Soap

1/4 cup Borax 1/4 cup Washing Soda 1/4 cup Scent free soap (bar or liquid) If using bar soap, grate. Combine Borax, Soda, and Soap. Use half for small load or all for large or dirty load. Untested recipe. Adapted

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9/18/2017 – 3rd week of Early Fall

Very busy at work the last few weeks. Got traps dyed and oiled. I bought four Duke 1 1/2 traps when Gander Mountain went out of busy. Wish I picked up some 120 or 160 bodygrip traps at the same

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9/4/2017 – 1st week of Early Fall

Tried to go fishing, but the water level was too low. That was most likely my last attempt for this year. Sum total: one bait sized bluegill. Very discouraging, but still better than a complete strikeout. Seriously thinking of giving

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8/21/2017 – 3rd week of Late Summer

Foraging for seeds has begun. Still too early for Acorns, but Black Walnuts, Ash, and Honey Locusts are starting to ripen. Was able to identify some Autumn Olive bushes near me, so gathered a few handful of those. I think

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Drink – Switchel (honey/vinegar/ginger)

My younger brother started developing this recipe last year after having something similar. I had forgotten about it until I found a recipe only and discovered it had the name “Switchel”. It dates back to at least the late 1800’s

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