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Week of October 26th

Started stratifying the seeds a few weeks ago. Oddly, everything has started sprouting already. This is problematic as the soil really isn’t cold enough to plant. Ended up potting the Black Locust sprouts. I will have to remember not to

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Week of October 12th

Summer is definitely over. Someone at work brought in what I thought were crabapples. I took the leftovers home to collect the seeds and discovered they were Jujubes. Over the past several weeks I have also collected red oak (unknown

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Week of August 31st

Put in an order for tree seeds from Sheffield’s. Order is for Black Locust, Cottonwood, Bur Oak, and White Pine. Also bought several heads of Garlic and picked some Maypop. Spent a lot of time laying out the new hedgerows

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Week of August 10th

Still not sure if I like the new property layout. The main access drive only needs to be 12′ wide (per fire code), so 20′ seems like overkill. One option would be to eliminate the secondary access drive and make

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Recipe – Foot Soak

2 tbsp. carrier oil 5–20 drops of essential oils of choice, such as peppermint, lavender, rosemary, lemon, lemongrass, or clary sage 2 cups Epsom salt 1/4 cup dried flowers, such as rose, chamomile, and lavender Combine carrier oil and essential

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Recipe – Fried Cabbage with Bacon

¼ to ½ lb of bacon, cut into ½-inch pieces 1 medium onion, chopped or 3 T dried 1 t garlic, minced or 2 cloves or ½ t dried 1 t paprika 1 t creole seasoning 1 head green cabbage,

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Week of July 27th

Last week, I started the process of laying out the property under the new plan. There will be 2 access roads/paths on either side of the property. The one on the east side is the primary access and the width

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Week of July 6th

I missed the window for gathering any blackberry seeds. This year hasn’t been ideal for foraging so far. One, I am not able to devote enough time. Two, it seems to have been a rough year for plants. Uncertain if there

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Week of June 29th

I found another blackberry patch at work while walking. I think it might be too late to gather seeds, but I should be able to grab transplants in the fall. I also found a rose that was climbing some trees.

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Week of June 22nd

Pretty quiet for the most part. Started a new diet, so trying to get used to eating more salad. So far it is going well. Wasn’t able to get the riding mower started last week and in the process of

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