Week of November 18th

Found another batch of Persimmon seeds. Not sure if any of them will survive in my area as they seem to like to grow in swamps.

Also made the first batch of seed balls. These were the mixture of seeds for the hedge rows. The next will be individual seeds for the orchard.

No luck so far with getting the blackberries to germinate. Assuming that the seeds aren’t dead, I am going to put them back in the refrigerator to see if they just need more time to break dormancy

Started working on a new version of winter squash and like this recipe more so far. I need to modify it a little to meet my requirements for nutritional content, but its a good baseline. First experiment is to increase protein by adding peanut butter. If that doesn’t work, I can try either lentils or beans instead.

Tried to do some roof repair on one of my inlaw’s houses, but the steep pitch and tall peak caused me to panic too much. Will have to try again in a few weeks, at the least I can direct traffic to make a temporary repair. The damage is to extensive for a handyman fix.

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