5/13/2018 – 1st week of Late Spring

Hurt myself a few weeks ago and I still slowly recuperating. The spirit is strong, but the flesh is week.

So far the cuttings are a mixed bag. Almost all of the Washington Hawthorn cuttings have died while a handful of Mulberry and Honeylocust are putting out leaves. The Hawthorns were doing really good up until recently. The only thing I can think of is that either the cuttings were two small in diameter or there was too much direct exposure to sunlight. I have moved the remaining cuttings to the north side of the house and continue to observe.

Chickens are doing pretty well. None of the hens has decided to use the nest boxes, but they all use a pretty clean corner of the coop. I need to clean their bedding out and dust them for mites. Also trying to decide if I want to start a second flock of Easter Eggers.

Most of the Black Cherry seedlings I planted out seem to be doing well, not sure about the Buffaloberry. Most of the Honeylocust I planted last year seem to have survived, but I haven’t been able to determine if any of the Green Ash, Black Ash, or Osage Orange have survived. Not certain, but it looks like at least one of the hazelnuts has sprouted. Its looking to be dry this year, so I will need to start looking into watering everything.

This years big present was a bagger for the Riding Mower. Most of the clippings will go to to mulching the garden beds, but I did come up with another use for them. Previously I have marked the hedge row by just not mowing them. Now I am putting down about 6 to 12 inches of grass clippings. Besides helping the trees to grow better, I am hopping that they will act as mini-dams or swales and help increase the amount of water that infiltrates.

Trying to sell the canoe and find something smaller and lighter. I like the Grumman, but it is more than I can handle getting on and off the van. In addition, I need to find a better fishing spot.

Working on a couple of recipes for healthier breakfast choices.


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