3/19/2018 – 3rd week of Early Spring

Haven’t accomplished much this week as work has been busy. I did get a chance to survey more of the tree locations for Google Maps. This only indicates where a tree should be, not necessarily what should be there or what is present condition is. I will need to wait until later in the year when the trees have leafed out to do that.

Seeing bud formation on Honey Locust, Cottonwood, and Mulberry. Sand plums have started to flower.

Received my tree order from Kansas Forestry Service. This year is 25 Black Cherry and 25 Buffaloberry. Most of the Black Cherry will go in the north row of trees and the reminder along the other rows. The Buffaloberry will all go in the south row. Now I just have to get them into the ground.

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2 comments on “3/19/2018 – 3rd week of Early Spring
  1. scseery says:

    I forgot to ask you if the Buffalo berry actually bear fruit and if it’s edible. Remind me to talk to you about it later.

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