3/5/2018 – 1st week of Early Spring

Seems sort of important to post something for this week, since it is the first week of my year. On a side note, I need to update the calendar for this year.

Been spending most of the last few weeks plotting and planning on what I want to accomplish this year. As such, I have decided that this year will mostly be devoted to getting ready, or laying the groundwork. This seems particularly appropriate since taking a break the last few years means I am starting from scratch.


I need to get quite a bit of pruning done before the weather gets much warmer. At least one set of tires needs to be pollarded before the get much taller. I will try to propagate the cuttings from the Honey Locust, Mulberry, and Hawthorne trees. Any of the cuttings that root will go to building the living fences.

I started the pruning last weekend and will probably be at it for a couple more.


Current plan is to take one of half fields (100′ x 100′) and layout 9 beds (4 for plants, 1 for a water feature, 1 for green house, compost, etc, 1 for perennials, and 2 for chickens). This year I plan to get a bagger for the riding mower and all of the grass clippings will go to mulch these beds. This will go on all year.


Mostly these will be mowed for mulch. I am debating renting a rototiller in Middle or Late Summer and putting in Rye on one field.

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