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On Politics

version 0.2 There are only three primary political parties: Rousseau, Hobbes, and Locke. These parties are archetypes and are not necessarily mutually exclusive. In Rousseau, the social contract involves giving up one’s individual rights and submitting to the general will.

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On Knowledge

version 0.3 The domain of knowledge can be broken into four overlapping regions: dogma or ethos, reason or logos, intuition or pathos, and observation or empeiros. Information is an element within the domain of knowledge and will reside within one

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9/3/2018 – 1st week of Early Fall

Really struggling to keep up with the journal right now, but am uncertain why. Quit my old job (of 15 years) a few months ago and started working for a new company. Not sure how I feel about the new

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7/2/2018 – 1st week of Middle Summer

Had a relatively quiet Fourth of July. Just some smoke bombs and poppers during the day and some fountains during the night. One of the neighbors had a nice mortar, so we watched that also. The granddaughter was terrified of

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6/18/2018 – 3rd week of Early Summer

Really been hurting for rain. Finally got a little this week. Not enough to save the Buffaloberry, but it should help the Black Cherry and Honey Locust I have planted this year. Found some Black Locust saplings on a family

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Recipe – Marinades

Asian 1⁄4 c soy sauce 1 T sesame oil 2 T rice vinegar ½ t garlic, dried ¼ t ginger, dried 2 t onions, dried Dash black pepper Bourbon 1/4 c honey 1/4 c soy sauce 1/2 c ketchup 1/2

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Recipe – Microwave “Souffle”

Not exactly sure what you would call this. In other places I have seen them called brownies or cakes (when sweet). Hopefully, Julia Child will forgive me for calling them souffles. They do puff up while cooking, so maybe that

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