9/4/2017 – 1st week of Early Fall

Tried to go fishing, but the water level was too low. That was most likely my last attempt for this year. Sum total: one bait sized bluegill. Very discouraging, but still better than a complete strikeout. Seriously thinking of giving up on lake fishing and just going back to creeks.

In a similar vein, found a group of people (Arkansas River Coalition) who do monthly float trips down the Ark river. Think this might be a good way to get started with river canoeing. Also need to look in to similar activities on the Kansas and Missouri river.

Continuing to gather Black Walnuts, Honey Locust, and Hedge Apple. Meant to start planting some of the seeds gathered, but didn’t get a chance.

Cut down a weed Elm tree and started processing it. I mostly want to make a bucksaw and a packboard. The remainder will either become fuel for the backpacking stove or go onto a brush pile.

Got cords cut and spliced for the tarp tent. Decide to trash the sisal and get manilla as the sisal wasn’t splicing very well. Cut a 25 foot ridgeline (plus another one for spare) out of 3/8″ manilla and put eye splices in both ends. Cut two 6 foot tieouts, three 4 foot tieouts, and five 2 foot stakelines out of 1/4″ manilla and put aen splice in one end and a end splice in the other end of each. Soaked them all in water to pre-shrink them. Not exactly sure I have everything figured out right, but that should be enough to configure the tent as either a basic lean-to, modified lean-to, A-frame, or wedge. Once I get a chance to set them up, I can take photos and write up instructions.

The backpacking gassifier stove works great, but still has some issuess to fix. I was able to easily boil two cups of water on one cup of fuel with plenty of time leftover to do it again. The biggest remaining issue is the pot stand. My initial thought was to drill holes in the windscreen and use wire rods as a pot stand. The issue is that the heat generated causes the wire to lose it’s stiffness and deform under load. To options are to use heavier wire or create a pot stand out of either a tuna can or pipe strapping. 

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