7/17/2017 – 3rd week of Middle Summer

Lost another eight chickens, all in one day. Not certain what caused the die off. It was a hot day (+100), but they had plenty of water and had survived high temps before. I am now down to nine birds (1 light brahman, 3 buff brahmans, and 5 dark brahmans). This has further increased my concerns about the amount of females left in this flock. I may just have to harvest this one and start again next year.

Gathered up some Clover on one of my lunchtime walks and some Sumac (not Poison) while the family was stuck in traffic in Oklahoma. So far I haven’t seen any seeds on the Sumac around here. I can direct seed the Clover at any time, but I need to check on what pretreatment the Sumac needs.

The recent heat spell seems to have killed off the Black Walnuts that had sprouted, but the Honey Locust are doing just fine. I think one of the Oaks may have sprouted or it could be a weed I am not familiar with. Either way, I am going to need to forage more seeds this fall. 

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