5/22/2017 – 3rd week of Late Spring

Not much work done this week as I had a cold for the first part of it.

Our order of chicks showed up. Been having a really high mortality rate. Uncertain if they were sick to begin with or if it is poor management. Either way, I am nervous about having a flock left if it keeps up.

Started spraying the Canada Thistle and Poison Ivy. Wasn’t able to find the chemicals I wanted in a small container, so I bought Acreage Pro which contains two other herbicides besides 2, 4-D. I will most likely need to spray again next year, so I will special order the other herbicides later. Alternating should avoid the weeds developing resistance.

As I have been updating the tree and shrub map, I think I will make some major changes. For the most part, the plants that will form the hedges that circle the fields have had one or more parts that are edible. The exception is the Black Locust which is mainly intended for firewood. So I am going to move it from the hedges and move it to separate beds for coppicing. 

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