I had a chance to do some more fishing, but it was mostly running banklines. Only caught one carp, but I know someone ran my lines at least once. They stacked them up along the shore.

One thing I got to try were the boilies. They worked better than the dough balls, but still not as good as I would like. I have an idea on what to try next. However, that will be a dedicated entry when I try it.

Finally got my minnow trap to work. Found a quiet spot under a bridge that had a little water flowing. It was full in less than 10 minutes. Not sure what the specific was and didn’t think of snapping a photo.

List of improvements for banklines:

  1. Make all of the lines out of tarred cordage. I found a place online that carries what I want in a lot of different weights.
  2. The space between the loops needs to be increased from one yard to one fathom. This will improve bait presentation and might further reduce hook tangles. Another option would be to put more loops on to allow different rigging (say with a float).
  3. Heavier weight sinkers to help the lines stay in place. While I suspect thieves are more of a culprit than the current, I can’t rule it out altogether. Plus, it will help with casting.
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