Researching boilies has got me to thinking about what to do with the occasional carp that might be caught. They aren’t considered a desirable fish, so many fishermen leave them to rot on the shore. Besides being wasteful, it trashes up the shoreline and smells.

It seems that the reason carp are considered undesirable fish has to do with intramuscular bones that can’t be removed during cleaning. Besides this, carp are a mild tasting oily fish that should be very useful. So I am looking into how other cultures (specifically Asian ones) process them.

For normal cooking there is two methods. The first is to eat carefully to avoid the bones. The second involves a modified filleting the white colored meat from the red (with the red meat containing the bones). This seems like a lot of trouble but might be worth it on a big fish.

The other methods involve softening the bones enough to safely eat them. Methods here are: pressure cooking, pickling, and canning. None of these options seem very good. However, one study showed that participants preferred canned carp to canned tuna.

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