Traveling to Toronto today. Something of a generation shock on how much air travel has changed over here years.

While wondering around the Web, I discovered that the British version of dough bait is called “boilies”. Apparently, carp (which are considered rough fish here) are like our bass or trout in the amount of effort spent researching baits. This is good for me in that strategies for catching catfish are very similar to those used for carp.

Boilies recipes are much more sophisticated in that they are more concerned with providing complete nutrition for the carp. These carp seem to derive a significant part of their diet from the bait, so feeding them well is as important as catching them. But the more important difference is that the boilies need to be very tough as one method of casting uses a slingshot to get better casting distance. To achieve this, they  use eggs as a binder.

In my dough bait, gluten is used exclusively as a binder. While this works to a degree, I have problems with the dough falling apart if I cast too hard. One idea that I had to fix this was to add torn up cotton balls or pieces of yarn to the dough. However, using eggs is simpler and should provide an additional attraction.

The second important difference is that the boilies are air dried after they have been boiled. I suspect that this is also done to increase durability, as I had considered the same thing. It also seems to help prevent mold.

Finally, the Brits have developed two additional treatments for boilies. The first is to soak the boilies in a wet attractant like oil. This is meant to supplement any attractant that was lost in cooking. The second treatment is to coat a boilies, that has been soaked, with a dry attractant. I am not certain what is typically used for this.

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