Farewell to the Contrary Farmer

I abhor all the publicity when someone famous (or who used to be famous) dies. It’s as if their lives are more important than the hundreds of other people who died that day. Often, I suspect that the world would be no better or worse if that person had never existed. But occasionally, the world loses someone who is greater than that.

I just learned that Gene Logsdon passed away yesterday.

I have known since I was a teenager that the back-to-the-land movement called to me. Unfortunately, the movement had been overcome by hippie-communists and eco-terrorists. Every book you could find was either pseudo-scientific nonsense (Rodale and Steiner) or hellfire and damnation (Carson and Leupold).

Logsdon was different. Much like Ruth Stout or Dick Raymond, he spoke about possibilities that were simple common sense. His book The Man Who Created Paradise: A Fable showed that solutions didn’t require advanced technologies or government intervention, just hard work and determination. He inspired.

His humor and perspective will be greatly missed. Even if you never read one of his books, I encourage you to check out his blog, The Contrary Farmer. He kept it up to the very end and his wit will surely entertain.

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