Started prepping last night to run banklines this weekend. Two big things I am working on are bait and hooks.

While live bait (or even dead bait) is preferred, I want to be able to set bank lines when this isn’t immediately available. To this end, I am working on developing to alternatives, dough and soap. The dough is just flour, salt, and water that is cooked. the main issue here is developing an easy to use recipe that can stand up to conditions. The soap is a “hail mary” idea. Apparently, catfish have been known to be attracted to soap. The benefit here is that soap doesn’t go bad or require refrigeration.

The hooks that I typically use on my lines are just large versions of what could be considered a normal hook (I think they are aberdeen 4/0). The downside is that these hooks are really intended to be “set” when a fish bites by someone jerking on them. Recently I started reading about circle hooks. These have the point of the hook bent more towards the shank than a normal hook. For whatever reason, this means fish can be hooked without the line being set.

The plan is to split the setlines into two groups, one that is baited with dough only and the other with soap only. On both groups, one hook will be a normal hook and the other will be a circle hook. Hopefully I will remember to record the results.

The weather is supposed to be rain all weekend, so it’s a good excuse to go fishing.

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