Making this post retroactively.

With the weather warming up, I have been finding it harder to focus on designing the house as my mind wanders to fishing. So last week I went thru storage to gather up all my gear to see what needed to be replaced or repaired. And true to form, all my setlines from last year were missing. Rather than see this as a problem, I decided (as in years past) to use it as an opportunity to redesigning my setline rigs.

In case you aren’t familiar with the term, a setline is a type of fishing rig that catches fish without the fisherman being present. Specifically what I am making are banklines; these are a heavy cord with baited hooks attached at intervals with smaller cords(in Kansas the max is 2 hooks per setline). One end is attached to a bank and the other is weighted with a sinker cast into the water. I have photos of the steps in making banklines and will dedicate a post on how to make them soon.

This weekend I was able to scout out a few locations at the local lake and got them all set out. Ended up having a good time running the lines with my wife and catching a really nice catfish too. I would have liked to have had a chance to catch some bluegill, but the weather didn’t cooperate. Maybe it will be nicer here in a couple of weeks.

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