The honeylocust have started to bud. The mulberry budded last week are pretty green now.
Chickens continue to eat their eggs and refuse to use the nest boxes. Oddly enough, they only eat the brown eggs and not the green ones.
Slowly making progress on the house plans. Redid the Structural Analysis and discovered I won’t have to use I-Joists after all. They are a better deal (stronger, lighter, and close to the same price), but I don’t have any experience working with them so I will stick with 2x lumber.
A friend of mine, who goes by the name Swiss Miss, was looking at my floor plans and suggested an improvement to how the bedroom closets are oriented. Not sure if I will stick with it, but so far they seem like a more efficient layout.
It’s nice enough out that I have the window open and it started raining. I forget how much I miss hearing the rain drops splatter. Maybe I should think about a metal roof.

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One comment on “4/10/2016
  1. scseery says:

    I’d rather not have the metal roof. Not after the roof on the barn was such a pain and so cumbersome.

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