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Wasn’t able to post over the weekend, so I will try to summarize. Chickens haven’t started using hen boxes yet. May need to buy some wooden eggs. Very few of the tree seeds sprouted, decided to toss them. About time

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Spent last night crawling thru the crawlspace to fix the plumbing, again. I truly hate crawlspaces. Worked on the AutoCAD file for the house plan. Developed a set of conventions for colors, lines, and layers. There are still some areas

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Finally got around to putting the nest boxes up for the chickens. Hopefully they will get used to them quickly. Very few of the tree seeds have sprouted. Figure I will keep it up for a few more days. Made

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Making more progress on the house plans. Still working on paper copies, but I am working on the section details and a more detailed version of the second floor plan. Also re-learning AutoCAD, or learning how to use a newer

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Today’s Quote (Wisdom-Creativity) Punishing honest mistakes stifles creativity. I want people moving and shaking the earth and they’re going to make mistakes. Ross Perot‎

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The house plans came in the mail this weekend. They look pretty good. I am planning on redrawing them in CAD, so they really just serve as a reference. The structure of the plan is fine, but the rooms can

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Not much today. Looked up the Sedgwick County minimum requirements for basement construction. Unfortunately, they require a lot more than what IRC requires. So, back to the drawing board. Today’s Quote (Wisdom-creativity) Creativity is the process of having original ideas

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Recipe – Bread, Basic Sourdough

Per loaf of bread (minimum two) 1 c starter 1 c water 1 t salt 1-1/2 to 2 T oil 3 to 4 T honey, molasses, or sugar 1 egg 4 to 5 c flour Combine starter, water, sugar, and

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  Very little accomplished today. I may have over done it yesterday. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize this until after I got seeds soaking. Hopefully they will be fine. Did get bread made for this week’s lunch. It turned out a

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  Busy day today, even with a late start. With the weather being nice, I wanted to get a run built for the chickens. Originally planned to take some fence panels from the dog run to build it. But I

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