Still not doing very good at keeping this updated regularly. So first is to get up to date.
I quit smoking on 11/19/2015, so today is 84th day or 12th week anniversary. This time was very easy and was almost completely cold turkey (I used patches for the first two weeks). Most of this I attributing to reading The Easy Way to Stop Smoking. I don’t know about their seminars or consults, but the book works.
Since then I have decided to work out regularly, eat better, and focus on improving virtues. I will try to write more about those in more detail at a later date. The biggest issue is making these changes a habit, with working out being the hardest.
The biggest news is the my wife and I have agreed on a home plan. We will be using the Universal 20′ wide 2-story Cottage Plans as a starting point. There are a couple of non-structural changes that I will be making to the plans. And eventually there will be at least two expansions, a first floor master and a sunroom. But the plan is the best starting point I have found and the price is 1/5th of other stock plans. Hopefully they will meet code without any major revision.

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