I have been remiss in keeping up this blog. Partly this is due to a decision to skip gardening next year. However, since part of this exercise is mental and emotional discipline, I have decided to start using this blog to track my current project: designing and building a new house.

Our current house was always intended to be a temporary measure as it was in bad shape when we bought it. The plan was to make it work for five years and then begin construction of a replacement. That was eight years ago and the house has finally deteriorated to the point where it is almost uninhabitable.

There are several obstacles to overcome. The most daunting are lack of funds and financial security. Recent events (and bad choices) have already created an unsustainable debt load. The plan to liquidate company stock was set back when the price plunged more than 25% just days before selling. Added to this are significant concerns about job security from the same issues that caused the stock to plunge.

Despite this and other obstacles, I am determined to persevere. I can do this and I will.

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