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8/25/2014 – 20th of Late Summer

Finished harvesting sand plums. Started harvesting plums. Continued harvesting white and pinto beans. Started harvesting purple cowpeas and black beans. Thinking about renting a rear tine rototiller (in the fall and maybe in the spring). Would buy a small cultivator

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8/24/2014 – 19th of Late Summer

One of my plastic mulching sheets is completely shredded and the other is developing holes. May not be able to use them for much longer. Not sure what I am going to use now. May have to give up on

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8/23/2014 – 18th of Late Summer

Used the thresher on the green peas. Not sure how I survived without it. Threshed and winnowed a 5 gallon bucket in less than an hour. Still had to thresh the sunflowers by hand. Most of the seeds are buggy.

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8/22/2014 – 17th of Late Summer

Harvested the last of the late corn and sunflowers. Not thrilled with the productivity of either, but they are still first generation. Continued harvesting okra and tomatoes. Thinking some more on next years garden. I want to add greens back

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8/19/2014 – 14th of Late Summer

Planted two more rows of rye, one of buckwheat, and one of clover. At this rate, I will be done planting at harvest time. Fertigated most of the garden. Not much left in the vegetable plot. Had planned on squash

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8/18/2014 – 13th of Late Summer

Picked a handful of tomatoes and two pods of okra. Started harvesting the late sunflowers and more of the late corn. Weed half of another row.

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8/17/2014 – 12th of Late Summer

Worked on making a thresher out of a 5 gallon bucket. Needs some further improvements, but works for now. Threshed last years white beans and this years rye. Refilled water bucket and started brewing fertilizer. I have more jugs to

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8/16/2014 – 11th of Late Summer

Been sick for the last week, which has lead to an existential crisis. This year the garden has required a lot of work and seen some amazing failures. While I am not ready to give up, it is making me

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8/11/2014 – 6th of Late Summer

Started picking late corn. Not too many ears, but a lot of variability to work with. Very little fungal issues. Did more weeding in the legume patch. Started picking tomatoes. Concerned about how few plants have survived.

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8/10/2014 – 5th of Late Summer

Lost my harvest of Hopi Black sunflowers. They got left out during a couple of rains and weren’t salvageable. However, I was satisfied with their performance and will order more. Moved plastic sheets on plots 3 and 4. Decided that

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