7/23/2014 – 22nd of Middle Summer

  • Cut down the corn plants that had smut. Need to setup a burn barrel to dispose of them. Most of the infect plants were on my variety of Early Corn. Didn’t see any on the Seneca Stalker and only one plant on the Painted Mountain. On a side note, most of the Painted Mountain is ready to harvest.
  • Did some more weeding. Finally got the okra weeded. More seedlings survived than I had estimated. Still pretty small though. Need to weed the tomatoes then it will be back to trying to save the legumes.
  • Started a batch of homemade liquid fertilizer using some of the weeds I pulled. Not sure how effective it will be because I used the lime water and it has a relatively high concentration of Ca- dissolved in it. Will give it a shot anyways. Figured I will use the homemade on the legumes and the store bought on the vegetables.
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