7/15/2014 – 14th of Middle Summer

  • Put together hoop coop v2. Instead of building a wooden base to keep it portable, I just drove 10 pieces of rebar (5 on each side at two foot intervals) into the ground. The PVC pipes went over these. Then the tarp is attached to the PVC with zip ties and anchored to cinder blocks (two on each side and one at each end). No idea how long it will last, but it shouldn’t blow away.
  • Rearranged the plastic sheeting on plots 3 and 4. The plan is to move them to a new spot each week and plant behind them. Plot 3 will be getting winter rye and plot 4 will be a mixture of buckwheat and white clover. Spacing will be 12″ within rows and 24″ between rows.
  • Lost two more chicks, but I suspect it was the two that were in bad shape. All of the other chicks are active and alert. I think this experiment of brooding on wire without straw was a failure as at least one died after injuries from getting their leg stuck. Next time I will try using straw for the first couple of weeks and then just wire once they are older.
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