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7/29/2014 – 28th of Middle Summer

Harvested the majority of the early corn, both Dusk and Painted Mountain. Once they dry I will sort the ears by whether the look like the Dusk or Dawn type. Planted two rows of rye in plot 3 and one

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7/28/2014 – 27th of Middle Summer

Chickens escaped from new pen. Apparently the latch has become loose. Waited until nightfall and used a wire hook on a pole to catch them. Recovered 7 males and 3 females. I think I lost around 10 chickens. Fertigated the

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7/27/2014 – 26th of Middle Summer

Seems that the fence charger isn’t working. Had to catch all of the chickens by hand and re-house them in an old dog crate. Not sure if I lost any. Moved the plastic sheeting forward on plots 3 and 4.

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7/26/2014 – 25th of Middle Summer

Butchered for more chickens. Getting a little better at cutting them up. Tried plucking them and gave up. Unfortunately, the extra time made them a lot harder to skin. Fertigated the legume patch. Used the homemade liquid fertilizer. Dumped the

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7/24/2014 – 23rd of Middle Summer

Finished weeding the vegetables and started on the legumes. Buried some of stems of the squash plants to try and get them to root. Started putting together a digital library of free epubs available online. As I finish them, I

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7/23/2014 – 22nd of Middle Summer

Cut down the corn plants that had smut. Need to setup a burn barrel to dispose of them. Most of the infect plants were on my variety of Early Corn. Didn’t see any on the Seneca Stalker and only one

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7/22/2014 – 21st of Middle Summer

Started hauling water to refill the water barrel. After it is filled, I will need to fertigate the legume plot. Hauled mulch to put around the tomatoes. Instead of laying it down on the entire row, just making a ring

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