6/22/2014 – 19th of Early Summer

  • Put the plastic sheets out on plot 3. Trying to kill off the weeds before I plant rye. Unfortunately, a storm-front came thru this evening and undid most of it. Will need to use more pallets to hold it down.
  • Started harvesting yellow peas. Green peas are ready also, just started on the north end. Beans are flowering.
  • Think that alternating the space between rows (4′ and 2′) isn’t really working. One of the ways I keep weeds down besides mulch is to mow. I can mow easily in the 4′ space between rows but not in the 2′ between sub-rows. So while I am extending the size of the garden, I also want to change the row spacing. 3′ doesn’t divide 200′ evenly. 4′ gives me 50 rows (up from 30 rows) but seems like too much space. 40″ would give 60 rows but wouldn’t be easy to layout. 30″ and 32″ might be a little tight for the mower. Will need to think about this for a while.
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