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6/29/2014 – 26th of Early Summer

Not much outside work this weekend. Sand plums are getting pretty close to being ripe. Picked a 5 gallon bucket of green peas. Also started harvesting rye. Might need to look into buying a sickle. Wheat looks like its been

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6/25/2014 – 22nd of Early Summer

Quite a lot of rain the last couple of days. The moisture is nice but it is making it hard to get work done. Continued picking yellow peas. One row looked like it was all weeds and no peas; it

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6/22/2014 – 19th of Early Summer

Put the plastic sheets out on plot 3. Trying to kill off the weeds before I plant rye. Unfortunately, a storm-front came thru this evening and undid most of it. Will need to use more pallets to hold it down.

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6/20/2014 – 17th of Early Summer

Finished hooking up the electric fence. Mowed the run and trimmed underneath the fence. Now need to put field coop together. Gathered up scraps from previous coops. Sprayed weed killer in field 2. This will become plots 3 and 4

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Chickens – Pasture fencing

The electrified tranquility barrier is complete. Almost time for our first batch of conscripts.

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6/18/2014 – 15th of Early Summer

Got a little more work done on the electric fence yesterday. Need to run cables from the charger to the ground rods and to the lightning diverter. Chickens are big enough and feathered out enough to go outside. Got both

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6/16/2014 – 13th Early Summer

Mowed the legume plot and pulled weeds. Looks a little better. Too windy to spread mulch. Finished mowing what will become plots 3 and 4. Need to work on laying out corners and putting down plastic. Completed wiring of the

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6/15/2014 – 12th of Early Summer

Spread a lot of animal bedding on the vegetable plot. With the exception of grass growing among the wheat, this plot looks pretty good. The legume plot, on the other hand, is quickly being overrun with weeds. Will need to

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Chickens – Week Four

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6/14/2014 – 11th of Early Summer

Just more weeding.

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