5/26/2014 – 20th of Late Spring

  • Did some more weeding. It doesn’t look quite as much like an overgrown patch of weeds. Couple of the peas have started to bloom.
  • Had to clean out both of brooding pens. Straw isn’t the best bedding, but its what I have. The chicks don’t have much interest in june bugs, but they love moths.
  • Started mowing were the 3rd and 4th garden plots will go. Not certain what will go into these. One plot will be for the chickens. The other will either be for small grains or for corn/sorghum. I might be able to combine both, but not certain how.
  • Regardless of where the small grains go, I am going to start them inside this year and transplant them. My strategy will be to put two seeds in the small cells about two weeks before they are to be set out. Each tray takes 48 small cells. Since they only stay in the pots for a little while, I will start another set after planting the previous.

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