5/3/2014 – 32nd of Middle Spring

  • Got an idea I am trying out to simplify adding lime to the garden. I was reading Rockdust, Glacial Milk, and Plant Nutrition and remembered stories of people putting limestone in cisterns to sweeten the water. So I dumped the ground lime I had leftover into the water barrel. Now, while the chlorine dissipates, the water will dissolve the calcium. At the end of the season I can cause some of the remaining lime into a temporary suspension. Next year I just dump the old lime and add new. Will need to run a soil test to see if I should be using calcite, dolomite, or gypsum.
  • Planted Mammoth sunflower (instead of peppers), Seneca Stalker corn, and Painted Mountain corn. Wanted to plant okra and horseradish so that I would be done until the tomatoes, cowpeas, and squash went in. Unfortunately, I started coming down with a cold so I wrapped it up early.
  • Watered the tomato transplants and honeylocust cuttings. Giving up on the peppers.
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