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5/28/2014 – 22nd of Late Spring

Weeded the legume plot. Just a few more rows left and then it is on to the vegetable plot. Need to pick up more straw. Tomatoes are still a little small, but should be ready to plant this weekend. I

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5/26/2014 – 20th of Late Spring

Did some more weeding. It doesn’t look quite as much like an overgrown patch of weeds. Couple of the peas have started to bloom. Had to clean out both of brooding pens. Straw isn’t the best bedding, but its what

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Chickens – Week One

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5/24/2014 – 18th of Late Spring

Chicks are running thru food and water so fast I am having to check on them twice a day. Some are getting pretty close to feathering out. If the weather is nice I might be able to move them outside

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5/21/2014 – 15th of Late Spring

No garden work today. Busy being a grandpa. Realized that the chicks needed more space. Set up a second cage as a brooder. Also realized I could use the rabbit feeders. The chicks have to stretch a little, but they

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5/20/2014 – 14th of Late Spring

Just some more weeding in the legume patch. Need to spread mulch but it is just too windy. Starting to see some corn coming up. Both the sunflowers and beans are starting to put on true leaves. Had to euthanize

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Electrified Tranquility Barrier for Our Beloved Chicken Comrades

We need your financial assistance to provide our courageous chicken conscripts with safety today and the hope of a secure tomorrow. Support Our Conscripts!

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5/18/2014 – 12th of Late Spring

Chicks are doing well. I forget how messy they are eating. Will need to reduce how much I feed them and feed them more often. Went and picked up some higher protein food also. Spent yesterday and today weeding the

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5/16/2014 – 10th of Late Spring

Baby chicks showed up this morning. Most of them are reddish but a couple are yellowish. They seem to be in good health. This is the first year that I will start brooding outside. Normally I brood them inside for

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5/15/2014 – 9th of Late Spring

Finally planted horseradish sets. Hope they grow this year. Planted one row Clemson Spineless Okra. Realized that I hadn’t finished planting beans, so I finished the White beans. Definitely seeing some beans sprouting. Nothing from the corn yet. Repotted tomato

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