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4/22/2014 – 21st of Middle Spring

Bought 3 more bales of straw. Still too windy to get any of them spread. Planted two rows of Dusk corn. Ground was only hard in two or three places. Watered the transplants. A few of the peppers have sprouted,

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4/21/2014 – 20th of Middle Spring

Bought 4 bales of straw at $4 each. Could have gotten it cheaper, but I would have had to contact the seller in advance. Tried to plant bean seeds in the legume patch, but the soil is too dry. Further

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4/18/2014 – 17th of Middle Spring

Moved a couple more wheelbarrows of animal bedding into the vegetable plot. Got one row of White beans planted. Noticed that the peas have started sprouting. The mulberries have started to leaf and the honeylocust are starting to bud. The

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4/17/2014 – 16th of Middle Spring

Planted one row of White beans. Finished seeding the Adaptable tomatoes inside. The newest batch of potting soil was almost completely peat moss. Definitely not happy with it as it is almost impossible to get it absorb water.

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4/16/2014 – 15th of Middle Spring

Planted one row each of Black beans and Pinto beans. I had intended to get one row of White beans planted also, but ran out of time.  

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4/13/2014 – 12th of Middle Spring

Too windy to get much done outside today or yesterday. Got some row stakes put, cleaned up trash, and did some mowing. Used the mowing as an opportunity to lay out the next couple rows of trees/bushes for the North

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4/10/2014 – 9th of Middle Spring

No work accomplished. Sometimes a solution can be so simple and obvious that you can wonder how you overlooked it. Had decided to use PVC buckets with holes drilled into. Was working on hole size and placement and went online

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