4/18/2014 – 17th of Middle Spring

  • Moved a couple more wheelbarrows of animal bedding into the vegetable plot. Got one row of White beans planted.
  • Noticed that the peas have started sprouting. The mulberries have started to leaf and the honeylocust are starting to bud. The plums seem to have survived the last freeze without losing many flowers.
  • Continued sorting early flour corn into two groups: a white/blue and a red/yellow. Thinking about naming the white/blue as Dusk and the red/yellow as Dawn. Also researching the GRIN database for corn landraces from indian reservations in Oklahoma.
  • Will need to start making my own row markers. The garden store hasn’t replenished their stock and I need between 40 and 60. This year I am soaking the markers in kerosene and motor oil to see if they will last longer.
  • Several news articles recently about beef prices going up because of the drought in the Southwest and pork prices going up because of the porcine virus. Definitely going to have to get an order of chickens in soon. Thinking of building summer coops using strawbales. Priced some on the way home at $4 a bale.
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