4/6/2014 – 5th of Middle Spring

  • Completed planting all three rows of Green Soup peas. Decide to try one row of green and yellow peas at higher between row density (3 rows with 12″ between instead of 2 rows with 24″ between). Finally, I had to use a slightly different method on one half row. The ground was to hard for the planting stick, so I used the rake to scratch a furrow and planted the seed in a more traditional fashion. While slightly faster and easier, I am worried that the seeds aren’t as deep as I would like.
  • Finished spreading all of the animal bedding. The vegetable plot is now 4/5 covered. Next step is to start spreading straw and compost on the legume plot. Not sure exactly how I am going to spread the compost, but I am thinking of doing bands on top of the rows.
  • The plums have started to blossom. I think it might be the Sand Plums, but I am not certain. The Mulberries have started to bud.
  • Still trying to figure out the garden vs field plan. Right now I am debating changing the garden plan to the following four plots: legume, vegetable, chicken, rye/buckwheat. The idea is that legume plot would get straw, the vegetable plot would get bedding, the chickens would go onto the bedding, and the rye/buckwheat would supply straw for next years legumes. Still need to work out timing.
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