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4/30/2014 – 29th of Middle Spring

Continuing to work on the business plan. Right now I am developing the values (personal, economic, environmental, and community). To brainstorm, I am filtering a list of ~300 value words. A little too cold for outside work. Planted 1/2 row

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4/28/2014 – 27th of Middle Spring

Too windy for outside work. Drained sunflowers. Needed to get them planted today. Hopefully have a chance tomorrow. Watered indoor plants and cuttings. Can remember if I posted this, but Roma tomatoes started sprouting last week.

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4/27/2014 – 26th of Middle Spring

Started the Rostov sunflower seeds soaking. Not sure if they respond to this treatment so I am only soaking half. Going to try fertigation this year. Bought a package of water soluble fertilizer (Expert Gardener All Purpose 15-30-15). Not overly

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4/26/2014 – 25th of Middle Spring

Planted one row each of White, Pinto, and Black beans. Almost done planting the legume plot until time for the cowpeas. Weeded both plots. Mostly just focusing on the thistles. Also relocated some cacti. Pruned some of the Honeylocust. Trying

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4/25/2014 – 24th of Middle Spring

No outside work today. Picked a few stalks of asparagus. Sort of surprised to see any of them alive. Need to transplant them this year to the new garden as their current spot has become a parking lot. Finally had

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4/24/2014 – 23rd of Middle Spring

Got the order for chicks put in. First order is for 25 Rainbow Rangers and should be delivered the week of 5/14. Second order is 19 Buff Orpington and 6 Easter Eggers the week of 7/7. Planted the last two

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4/23/2014 – 22th of Middle Spring

No outside work. Sore and out of shape. Did research on chicken breeds and hatcheries. Looks like Meyer hatchery has the breeds I want (Orpington, Americauna, and Freedom Rangers). Now I just need to decide on quantities.

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4/22/2014 – 21st of Middle Spring

Bought 3 more bales of straw. Still too windy to get any of them spread. Planted two rows of Dusk corn. Ground was only hard in two or three places. Watered the transplants. A few of the peppers have sprouted,

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4/21/2014 – 20th of Middle Spring

Bought 4 bales of straw at $4 each. Could have gotten it cheaper, but I would have had to contact the seller in advance. Tried to plant bean seeds in the legume patch, but the soil is too dry. Further

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4/18/2014 – 17th of Middle Spring

Moved a couple more wheelbarrows of animal bedding into the vegetable plot. Got one row of White beans planted. Noticed that the peas have started sprouting. The mulberries have started to leaf and the honeylocust are starting to bud. The

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