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3/29/2014 – 25th of Early Spring

Spent last night shelling cowpeas. Got mulch spread over about 2/3rds of the vegetable plot. Cleaned up the stalks out of last years plot and started a new compost pile.

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3/24/2014 – 20th of Early Spring

Got operating plan for this year uploaded and updated the overall plan. Thinking about uploading my planting guide when I have time. Shelled more beans. Too cold to work outside still. Started the Hot Pepper plants. Debating looking into crowd

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3/22/2014 – 18th of Early Spring

Too cold and windy to work outside. Shelled corn and beans. Sorted the Early Corn into a red/yellow pile and a white/blue. Plan to breed these into seperate varieties.

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3/20/2014 – 16th of Early Spring

Spring Equinox is today. Got some more mulch spread. Seeds from Southern Exposure and Native Seed were delivered. Spent the evening inventoring old seeds and shelling corn.

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3/15/2014 – 11th of Early Spring

I was able to order seeds from Native Seeds/SEARCH and Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. But the website for Seed Savers Exchange wasn’t cooperating. Got a late start and ran out of energy fast, so didn’t get much done. About a

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3/14/2014 – 10th of Early Spring

Finished the garden plan for next year. Should have the complete operating plan for 2014 uploaded soon. Worked out what seeds I need to order. Know I just get the order put in. Still need to work on shelling corn

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