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9/16/2014 – 14th of Early Fall

Started another batch of pickled okra. Recipe was the same as as las time, but I added 1/2 a pepper to each jar. Also topped off 3 of the jars from the last batch. Trying another recipe for okra. I

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I am always surprised that this blog receives any hits. Since I am mostly just trying to keep a garden record, most of the entries are short, dry, and boring. If there is anything you would like to see covered,

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9/13/2014 – 11th of Early Fall

Harvested okra, tomatoes, white beans, and pinto beans.

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9/11/2014 – 9th of Early Fall

Harvested okra. Did a little weeding/mowing.

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9/9/2014 – 7th of Early Summer

Harvested more okra. No tomatoes ready. Little bit of weeding in the White beans. Need to mow.

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9/5/2014 – 3rd of Early Fall

Harvested more okra. The sudden cool-off has convinced me to start letting a least one pod on plant to start maturing for seed. Harvested a few more tomatoes. Not certain why I am having such poor results with tomatoes this

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9/4/2014 – 2nd of Early Fall

Had an epiphany on how to handle the okra problem. Okra has to be harvested frequently and doesn’t store well in the refrigerator. This means I have many small batches that aren’t worth trying to can or freeze. The solution

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