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9/14/2013 – 12th of Early Fall

Busy day. About five weeks to First Frost. Broadcast the Winter Rye. No idea if it will survive. Instead of planting a known variety, I had to make do with seed from a Health Food store. Oh well, plan to

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9/10/2013 – 8th of Early Fall

Picked the majority of the Dent Corn and got it husked. It was about four 5 gallon buckets worth. Will leave the rest for the wildlife to enjoy. Picked almost two buckets worth of Pinto Beans. Think I might leave

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9/9/2013 – 7th of Early Fall

Shelled on bucket of Pinto Beans.

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9/8/2013 – 6th of Early Fall

Too busy to get most posts made. Trying to remember what all I have done. Picked another 5 gallon bucket of Pinto Beans. No time to shell this bucket or the last. Still a lot of beans to pick. Picked

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9/5/2013 – 3rd of Early Fall

Picked more Pinto beans. Pretty much at the end of its harvest. Just a matter of getting them picked and shelled. Running out of time to get Winter Rye planted.

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9/4/2013 – 2nd of Early Fall

Picked tomatoes, peppers, okra, corn, and cowpeas. Husked the corn.

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9/1/2013 – 27th of Late Summer

Shelled beans and corn. Started heat treating some at 150 F for 10 minutes.

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8/31/2013 – 26th of Late Summer

Watered, mulched, and weeded the garden. Hot today and still not feeling good so didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. Picked a few tomatoes, peppers, and okra. Picked an entire basket of Pinto beans. Shelled the

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8/30/2013 – 25th of Late Summer

Picked a lot of pinto beans and got most of them shelled. Did some watering.

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